My calves hate me.

For this marathon I’m actually going to follow a training plan

And see if it helps me improve.

I’ll be doing Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 1 plan. He also has a marathon plan where you only run 3x per week! Two days are cross training/bike though.

Perfectly enough, the plan is 18 weeks long, and the marathon is 18 weeks out. 

I chose Intermediate 1 because with my class schedule, I don’t know if I’ll be able to to the mid week mileage the Intermediate 2 plan requires. If school and work didn’t get in the way it’d be another thing, but this plan seems good! 

It seems pretty close to what my ‘training plan’ was for Buffalo (because I loosely based it off his) but I’m hoping following a set plan will make me a little better on 11/17. I’m modifying it just a touch, and doing track and trail/hill workouts about once a week.

I’ll enter the plan in on my google calendar TOMORROW, do my 3mi run and hopefully get some errands done as well. Goodnight Tumblr!

Monday, 8 - 07 - 2013

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  1. runhardliveloud said: I love Hal Higdon!
  2. sempreadorareme said: I love Higdon and used his plan for my (only) marathon last October. Using his program for this weeks 10k and September’s half.
  3. mrcarlosbc said: That’s awesome! Good luck on the plan. Ever since I switch off the Nike training plans I’ve used nothing but Higdon plans. They helped me set several PRs at several distances.
  4. ultrarunnersean said: That was the plan I used for my 1st, it’s a solid one
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