My calves hate me.

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You should totalky make a eordress for posts like these! :)

What is that?

XC Surge run

Haven’t been to Burke Lake in about a year. Today we did a HIIT run. My pace has been feeling better. I didn’t feel winded at all during the intensity runs, just after when my mouth was stone dry. 

For shoes I wore my new Wildhorse 2s…I need an instagram of them! They felt nice, the heel is definitely low so I needed to do a lacing trick. It didn’t help that I wore my ever shrinking Smartwool socks and they slid down. Tiny heel rubbing.

How it went was:

2 mile warm up, 2 minutes of fast, 1 minute of recovery, 1 minute fast, 30 seconds recovery, 30 seconds fast, repeated 5 times. In between I like to rest for about a minute, or to whatever point puts my time at a :30 or xx:00.  And then cool down and run to the parking lot, which was about a mile from where I finished my intervals. 

2 min paces: 8:18, 7:10, 8:24, 8:14, 8:08. So finished strong. The 7:10 was not quite 2 min.

1 min paces: 8:23, 8:04, accidental 8:35, 7:51, 8:34. Faster.

30 seconds: 8:13, 8:28, 9:08 (that was after the extra min) 8:05, 8:08. Good.

I want to do the intervals faster, but even my resting paces are too low. 

I finished listening to The Fault in Our Stars…now I just need to finish the movie. I thought Hazel died as well? I don’t know what I thought of it. It seemed like a sappy child cancer Romeo & Juliet. 

Mmmm mango and kiwi for breakfast.

Mmmm mango and kiwi for breakfast.

Anonymous asked: Do you like nike lunarglide 6? I hope so because they're awesome

A bit tight for me in the heel. Glad you like them though.

Anonymous asked: Do you just get free shoes at work?

They are seed shoes. Reps give them to us to wear as incentive to sell more of the brand and know how the shoes feel.

Have you tried the Merrell Bare Access Ultras yet? I’m super curious about those shoes!

We don’t carry Merrells, so I’m not terribly familiar with them! 

Ahhh tell me more about the WR18s! I hated the 17s but loved the 16s.

I don’t know much about it yet, they were waiting for me when I got into work! Here are some more close up pics. The picture where my fingers point are where the underlays are on the shoes. The mesh is consistent through the whole shoe, the paint just makes it look more open?

Looks like what the 17 should have been.


I am excited! We got seeds of the new NB 880 which feels GREAT!!! I got a new still unreleased Mizuno Rider…and got my Nike Wildhorse! 

The Rider took a step back from its over designed current model. The cushion is a bit softer, the tread is deeper so it doesn’t wear as quick, there aren’t really any overlays, just underlays between the sock liner and mesh. Improved reinforcements around the shoe lace and tongue. The fit is just slightly different? Or maybe its from wearing the 880 all day.

New 880 just feels softer and a bit more structured than the old v3. Try it if you don’t like the new firmed up & narrow Pegasus. 

I tried a 9.5 in the Wildhorse just so I have extra extra toe room. Feels great, can’t wait to get them muddy. Definitely a faster, lower feel than my Peregrines. 

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Harry Potter, Stephen Fry reading

I’ve had all the audiobooks and read them all! I love love love Harry Potter but should listen to other stuff.

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Not sure if you are into this genre but World War Z is an AWESOME audiobook!

The movie was the perfect amount of scary/thrilling but I hear the book is different! I’ll give it a try.