My calves hate me.



How to open a beer with a banana

well its open

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Ooooooh yesssss

Ooooooh yesssss



I can’t even.

I can’t even.

Looks and tastes good so far!

Oreo crust ready and a mug full of Oreo cream for later

Does anyone want these? Nike Pegasus 31, size 9…fits like a 9.

I’ve had them for a month or so? I’ve only run in them once or twice but have worn them around the store a few times.

The bottoms are in tact but a little dirty, I’ll clean it. No signs of wear on the upper, and the sock liner print is coming off.

I just am inundated with shoes and need to get rid of a pair or two. Later I’ll post my Altra Olympus if anyone is interested.

Shoot me your best offer. Cash, baked goods or something cool I guess :)

XC 4x800

Before the track workout we had our team pictures done! I’m super excited to see them.

The workout was 1.5 mile warm up, 8x400 repeats (my target pace was 1:35-1:40) and a mile and a half cool down.

So I did really well! It helped that it was cooler than it has normally been lately. 

Matt and I are making our cheesecake tonight, I will definitely live blog the experience cause it will go spectacularly either way.

Matt and I spend just about every night together, but this week he asked if I could spend more time over at his place. He understands with school and xc I’m crazy busy and has offered to take Teddy sometimes.

Tonight though, is the night we kinda decided to spend apart, because we agreed it’d be healthy to, although a month or two ago we talked about getting a place together next March.

It sucks that Friday nights I’m by myself, but I get up early Saturday mornings now. I can never fall asleep until late by myself, even if I get to bed at a normal hour.

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You should totalky make a eordress for posts like these! :)

What is that?